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"Richie Trial Postponed"

HOLLYWOOD - Nicole Richie won't answer charges of driving under the influence until next month after a Los Angeles court approved her request to delay the start of her trial.

The socialite was stopped by police in December last year, allegedly driving the wrong way down a California highway.

She admitted using marijuana and Vicodin before the incident--but reports suggest she plans to challenge the drug test conducted on her when she was arrested.

A declaration filed by her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, in court on Tuesday appealed for the trial to be postponed because an expert defense witness would be out of the country and unavailable to testify until the beginning of next month.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Steven Lubell granted the request on Wednesday, although Richie didn't attend the hearing.

Her trial will begin on Aug. 16. If convicted, Richie faces a minimum sentence of five days in jail and could potentially serve up to a year behind bars due to a prior DUI conviction.

She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment hearing in February.

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