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Autumn: Almost Over!...

Autumn is almost over!.... And winter is fast approaching... In fact, the weather here in Tokyo, Japan right now is quite so cold already. Honestly, I was not use to this but I really have to handle and eventually overcome it 'cause I'll gonna miss this one after I left from this place very soon. :( Well anyway, I'll gonna cherish this time I been here and experience the life I have now for after this I don't really know if God will permit me to came back to this place again soon. This is my very first time to experience the this weather in my entire life. Sounds makes myself pity but its really true besides this is not my place as to where I was born and grown up.

On the other hand, Autumn is a normal weather for Japanese people maybe I guess, they used to it already even way back before when they are still a child. But guess what? What does the particular aspect that I even still observe from them even if the rain is quite so fast... Its probably their outfit!... They seem to be the most Fashionable one!. Their are some is too over to dressed up but still they all look good and it goes pretty well... I could not really put into word as to what would be the best phrase to cater the great fashions of Japanese people both Men and Women even a child nor an Adult. They all look amazing! How I wish to dressed up like them when I came back to my native country but I guess, I could not dare to do it. Know why? Because Filipino people is quite so judgmental on Physical looks and if I'll gonna dress up like them they'll probably laugh at me. Too narrow minded!... How I wish I could tell them all that Fashion is style.

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