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Be inspired with poems....

I got here a poem taken from one of great site here in the net. I feature this poem here in my blog simply because I wanted you all to be inspired as you start your day and build up your dream with love in your heart and passion to pursue your dreams... Here...

A Beautiful Summer’s Day

As I woke to the sun rushing through my window
My mind was filled with thoughts of her
As the sun filled my room with warmth it reminded me
Of the warmth I feel from within her heart
I walk outside into the beautiful warm sunshine
A gentle breeze brushes softly against my face
It reminds me of her soft kisses, her gentle touch
I stand and close my eyes, I feel her hands touch me
I feel her breathe softly on my neck
I turn and as I take her in my arms
I whisper softly
What a beautiful day

- Paul Stokes -

Hope you guys will truly have a great time of reading this poem. Have a nice weekend everyone!...c",)

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