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Been to Lalaport Mall, Toyosu, Japan

Been there already for several times. It was one of the best Mall I have ever been. It is a 3 story Mall. Here is the excerpt I got from the net...

One of the Largest Shopping Centers in Japan "LaLaport 3" --
A New Shopping Mall of Specialty Stores

* "LaLaport 3" offers a new standard of fixture items, having "Fine Standard" as the key word for merchandise concept. This concept represents the feelings of "comfortably pleasant, a little fashionable and smart, but just right". It consists of tenants that handles fashion/general-goods, health & beauty/cosmetics, restaurants, and others that will propose neoteric life-styles for the 21 century, focused on the needs of wide range of generations from the baby-boom juniors to "Heisei" new families.

* Floors are laid out in three story: the first floor with shops that offers diversified life-styles; the second floor is for health and beauty/cosmetic related shops, as well as shops for couples and families' casual fashions, and young ladies' casual street fashions; finally the third floor holds a food court available with 370 seats, along with shops on interior goods and sports/outdoor goods, as well as commodity shops and restaurants under the theme of the United States.

* The RTKL International Limited (U.S.), the world-renowned company for designing entertainment centers throughout the world, produced environmental design of "LaLaport 3" with exotic exterior. Moreover, a focused attention is given to make enjoyable environment for shopping by creating additional round open area with water fountain at the Harbor Avenue, a popular area for resting, as well as additional "five story drive-in parking facility" with capacity of 1,000 vehicles.

* "TOKYO-BAY LaLaport" was established in business with "LaLaport 1" in April 1981, and with "LaLaport 2" in March 1988. Since the opening, for the last 20 years, it was noted and considered as one of the largest shopping centers in Japan. The additional "LaLaport 3", however will broadening the size even further: The total floor space of business area at "TOKYO-BAY LaLaport" will reach to approximately 141,000 m2 [approx. 126,000m2 for LaLaport 1 & 2], holding approximately 370 shops [approx. 300 shops in LaLaport 1 & 2], and the parking capacity will also enlarged to about 8,000 vehicles [approx. 7,000 at LaLaport 1 & 2].

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