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Friends Forever...

Friends is one of the most important persons we consider to be with us in a life-long journey of our individual life. They are those people whom we can share our inner thoughts and aspirations towards a particular subject in our life. Though we cannot deny the very fact that there are also some friends who are traitors and eventually liars and who used to back fight us if we are not in front with them. But remember we are all just humans... Nobody's perfect exist in this world of mortal people. I got a poem here taken from one of the great site here in the net which is basically about friendship. Have a read on this... here...

The Forever Friend
by Artur Hawkwing

On my own, but mostly the savannah,
Where the tumbleweeds fade away and die,
Before the glassy sun burns a summer of crystals,
The glistering waters of the high seas
Of which was so far a place as of where vultures roam.
I looked around but you weren't anywhere...
You used to say that you would never die,
But I took the wrong meaning into my heart.
Now the sea is wild with despair,
Deep blue like a prairie of flowers blue,
Where all children of God rest in eternal peace.
I saw you at the end,
You and I, brother and sister of nature,
Brother and sister of heaven and earth,
Your usually calm and heavenly eyes full of tears,
Bitterly falling one after one into a river,
Then the river of life turned red in blood.
My eyes watched in horror.
Slowly and deadly your heart became poisoned,
You disappeared without saying good-bye,
Not a word came out of your mouth.
You became like desolation in its grave.
When once the skies were a realm of stars
And the sun shone brightly in summer skies,
You were there to share the calmness;
But now I stand here in midst of the tall grass
And only the savannah remains.

So, what was your realizations now? Hope you guys will better reflect on your selves that forever friends may remain but never in every single seconds of your life... Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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