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Great poem...

I got a great poem here taken in one cool website. I featured this poem right here in my blog for you to be inspired too. Hope you guys will have a read between the lines and reflect on it. Here...

The Caged Bird Sings
by Karl Wild AKA GodsGift

No games just straight word play

The caged bird sings, we've clipped it's wings,
Among many other things the pain it brings,
Wearing crowns of kings, pulling puppet strings,
Controlling all that we see, holding every key,
Opening doors with ease, doing anything to please,
Those of us who'll just have to agree to disagree.

When in need of a friend, my heart I'll lend,
Trying to defend, mend and make amends,
Protecting the caged bird with broken wings.
Difficult to comprehend, time to transcend,
With an angry blend, when, beginning meets end,
I forever hear the screams, the caged bird sings.

Beating hearts they thrive, with killing contrived,
Hoping to stay alive, he'll survive, if not I'll revive,
By pulling puppet strings, from crowns of kings.
I'll never leave, don't be naive, no plans to deceive,
Golden webs we weave, hearts heave with grieve,
For the caged bird who sings with broken wings.

Hoping to one day be free, dreaming endlessly,
Thoughts they flee, if two is a crowd then so is three,
Oh the pain it brings, it sings, the bird with broken wings,
The golden webs we weave, will one day fade away,
The shimmer that golden glimmer, growing ever dimmer,
Will one day with time, lose it's shine, so called divine,
And the bird it sings, no longer caged, flapping golden wings.

Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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