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Christmas Greeting Cards...

Christmas is on the air. Its time again to give a gift to those people we care and even those strangers just to let them feel that the spirit and true essence of Christmas is for everybody! Do you already have a gift for your Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Granny, Friends, and Loved-ones? Well, if you don’t have yet and wanted to surprise them but you don’t have money to buy them an expensive gifts then I guess making your own Christmas Card is the best solution for you. I would love to share this with you guys. I often do this even if theres no occasion at all. But I often make Cards during Christmas, Valentines, Weddings, Birthdays and some other occasions. Here is the truth you need to know about making your own cards for your loved-ones.

Materials Needed:

* Plain White Hard Paper ( its available on the stores )
* Scissor
* Glue / Paste
* Sign Pen
* Coloring Materials ( Colored Pencil, Colored Pen, Paster, Water Color, Crayons )
* Cartolina ( white wide paper this will be use for the envelop of your cards )


* Gather all the materials Listed above and put it on the table were you will be making your Christmas Card.
* Think of the best concept/subject of Christmas that you will draw such like Christmas Tree with a gift, Lantern, Santa Claus, nor even a Message of saying Merry Christmas. Be patient on making your card ’cause this will really takes time.
* Cut your Plain White Hard Paper into the standard size of Christmas Cards.
* Start drawing a sketch on the cutted Plain White Hard Paper.
* After doing so, trace your sketch with the sign pen. Make sure that you traces it according to the size and shape you made on the sketch.
* Put some prescribe colors on the drawing you make. Set aside your finished card and prepare your Cartolina for your envelop.
* You can use the used envelop to trace it over to the cartolin. After doing so, you may cut now the traced envelop in the cartolina and put your finish card on it.
* That’s it!… Its pretty nice to gave Christmas Cards to your loved-one nor family that you merely exerted effort on it. Right? Enjoy making your Christmas Cards everyone!…

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