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Dialogue of Heart and Mind...

They argue on particular issue about LOVE..

HEART: Hey! Are you insane?
MIND: No! I’m not!
HEART: Then, what makes you decide such things to love her?
MIND: Because That’s what you feel So, I follow You!
HEART: How did you know about what I feel?
MIND: Oh! Common men! You just transmit it to me.
HEART: What? Did I? Oh! Crazy little Heart!
MIND: Don’t you ever say that men! You must be thankful for that instead!
HEART: How could I? I don’t like her face. She’s not beautiful!
MIND: Hello…. Are you okey? Did you know that physical appearance doesn’t matter?
HEART: Of course I do! But….
MIND: Oh! Men.. Don’t be too judgmental. Remember, I cannot teach you to whom you must fall in-love with.
HEART: Yeah! I agree with you but is this really love that I feel?
MIND: Don’t ask me please…I don’t know what you feel. My ability is just limited only to think and decide on things you wanted me to do.
HEART: But I can’t do this alone men! I merely don’t like her face. But I really feel in-love with her.
MIND: So, what the problem about that? The only thing, I can help you is to give you a smart hint if you will pursue to love her . Here follow this..

“LOVE regardless of her face, attitude, race, and all of the good and bad side of her. Accept everything in her. On other words. LOVE her of what she is!..”

HEART: Do you think that would be the smartest way I can do?
MIND: I swear men! Just follow me once in a while. I assure you we will be both in the right track of our journey.
HEART: Okey Mind! If that’s what you wish. But let’s put it on this way, don’t you ever blame me if something wrong will happen in the future!
MIND: Of course I wont Heart! ‘Cause as you know, we can’t predict the future even if myself who do have the ability to think.
HEART: Okey! Then…thanks for the advice…See you around…
MIND: Its my pleasure to accomodate you Heart. Have a great love life!…


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