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How's my native place...

Well, after 2 years had passed when I graduated and left home my place Iligan City, Philippines to look for my luck in some other place still Iligan City, has no change. Though there are few changes but the change is not quite observable. The built mall is not yet done. The city is still at mess. Though the only great thing about my place is the scenic views such like the Maria Christina Malls, Tinago Falls, and some great falls that you could only found in this place.

Eventually, I just do hope that not so long my native town will have a total change. Change in the infrastructure, malls, and eventually people at large that they may know their individual task as part of the nation building. I hope that all the crimes, drug addiction and some other lawlessness act will fully vanished. 'Cause after all still the Iliganons will benefit for this. Lastly, I just do hope that all those young innocent once will be given a chance to have a quality education for them to have a great and successful future.

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