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Its hard to Win her HEart...

Yeah!... I'm getting hard time to win here heart. 'Cause she don't really have an interest to have a boyfriend this time. I been planning not to pursue her anymore besides, she' not the only girl in this world. Though honestly, I love her ever since when were still a child but I couldn't force my self to her. So, right now I won't bother her anymore. I just wanted the best for her as she was always saying that her priority is her studies so be it. I wish her all the luck.

Anyway, is really hard to win the heart of those women who don't have an interest for a serious relationships. Maybe I guess, they been to a hurtful relationship then reason why they won't like to have a boyfriends I guess. But what ever there reason is I just do hope that they made the right decision at the right time 'cause if not then have a good luck on their love life. Have a great love life everyone!...c",)

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