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My heart is in good condition...

Yeah!… Its really in good condition right now!.. Wondering why?… 'Cause, I conquer my fear to face my long time crush who happened to be my neighbor!…lol… She been my first love ever since way back when we were still in elementary. I will be a great liar if I say that I don’t love her despite the reality that I been to serious relationships for a couple of years. I just do hope that everything goes right despite the reality that she's not yet ready to face a new relationship as she say but I told her that I can wait however long it is. But I swear, God knows that I love my previous relationships but it didn’t work out for so long maybe I guess, God has any plans for us!…

Eventually, wish me luck guys on my courtship to this special someone whom I been wanting to be one of my girl even way back before ’til right now. Hopefully, God permit me even if time will truly come that I’ll gonna leave this please to look for my stable and future career. Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

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