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Welcome Home...

....Iligan City, Philippines tomorrow. Since, my Mom is asking me to go home for a while ’cause they miss me… Lol…. Anyway, I really opted to do so beside I miss my place and eventually my friends there. And really have to fixed up my relationship with my girl since, we been apart and broke up for some natural reasons. I don’t know if we could be together again but if so, I guess I’ll just let it be… But if not then come what may!…

On the other hand, wanted to spend time with my family though since, I been away from them starting from the day I left home to find my destiny. So, right now really have to go home ’cause next year I might be away from them again ’cause I been planning to travel to some other place to look for my destiny again but that will probably happed if God permit to do so!.. Just hope… Have a nice day everyone!…c”,)

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