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The World is One...

I found a great and interesting poem in one of my notes that I kept way back when I was still college. Quite funny little thing... Here is the poem...

The World is One...
by: Hinton White

The world is one; we cannot live apart.
To earth remotest races we are kin;
God made the generations of one blood;
Man's separation is a sign of sin.

What though we solve the secret of the stars,
Or from the vibrant ether pluck a song,
Can this for all man's tyranny atone.
While mercy weeps and waits and suffers long?

Pu up the sword, its day of anguish past;
Disarm the forts and then, the war-flags furled,
Forever keep the air without frontiers,
The great free, friendly highway of the world.

So that at last to rapture men may come,
And hear again the music of the spheres,
And stand erect. illumined, radiant, free,
The travail and triumph of the years.

Hope you guys will have a reflection on this poem. Please kindly read between the lines and go deep, ask your self and grow.

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