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Christmas Reflection...

Talking about Heart Matters is one of the hardest part to do if you been to an unfulfilled relationship. Relationship that until right now is still giving you the reason to live and the reason to fight. Loving someone is one of the best feeling nor reward we could ever have and being loved back is the sweetest thing. But one question I’ll gonna ask you guys. Would you still be happy if that someone you love has left? Nor will you still be celebrating Christmas even though he/she is not with you anymore? I guess, a lot of you will definitely have your own explanations. Explanations that will somehow convince you to be happy even if he/she’s not with you this fast approaching Christmas.

You know what guys, Christmas is isn’t just about HIM/HER. But its all about US and GOD. Even if the person we love is not with us anymore it doesn’t mean that life must stop there. It should go on! I know how painful it was but is there anymore painful if you will just miss celebrating your Christmas without your family and friends? Remember life is isn’t all about HIM/HER not unless if you will block your mind. Come on people wake up! Look around you an try to go beyond. Try to see those things you haven’t seen, try to listen those words you haven’t heard, and try to open up your HEART! There are some great things around you! Life is isn’t just about LOVE though it actually matters. But would you dare to to loss your chance to celebrate the SPIRIT of Christmas just because of those silly things. Oh! Come on! Learn to open up your eyes and see the real beauty of life. You wouldn’t be here if not because of your Family! Cheer up! There are still people who care for you! People who love you! Don’t let the Christmas pass for being lonely. I know its really hard but try to open up your mind and accept those things as lessons. It will surely give you peacefulness! Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

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