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Education continues...

Having a formal schooling or education, reading books, watching science oriented movies, listening to the voice of experience, traveling to other places and observing things that are educational in nature, online education, exploring and inventing things, accepting the mistakes done, accepting constructive criticisms, and all other positive outlooks in life, displays how an educated person interact with life. One way of educating oneself is molding a man's mind into the basic foundation of good undertakings and another is by giving him academic freedom. In educating oneself he/she must know the values of individuals, values in relation to others, values to a country, and values in relation to God to be able to aspire for peace and harmony with our fellowmen.

On the other hand, Education can affect the intellectual of a person to be a religious one to be able to seek God in all time. And it can affect the moral of a person that needs to strengthen and perhaps, in some cases restrictive existing moral values to make these supportive of the aspiration to develop a happy, morally, upright, contented and productive nationalist who has the right place in our society. This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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