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Essence of Communication...

Communication is one of the most and vital things that all people needs to have in order to continuously operate in any field. In fact, in every success and victory we achieve, communication plays a vital role on it. Simply because we could not achieve nor do our individual task if we don't know how to communicate in response to our needs and demands. Basically, good communication is the major factor to consider if we all wanted a free and productive country. But its just too bad to think that there are people who prefers to keep quite rather than voicing what they knew. Besides, we don't have a right to judge anybody of us 'cause we had our individual differences which varies to certain things. Things that lets us decide to keep quite rather than expressing what we knew! And I guess, one specific reason why people tends to stay keep quite is they are just protecting the lives of there families. I know it unfair since, the truth will set free thousand of people but still we could not blame them 'cause they had there reasons and besides they are just human after all who are still looking forward to have a better life in the future!

Eventually, the essence of communication is not measured by what we do nor by who are we? I guess, it is measured according to the truth and sincerity of those people who often voice out words that simply rule the lives of every people!.... So, don't be afraid to express your mind and eventually speak your self for what you think is proper! Remember the TRUTH will set us FREE!.... c",)

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