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PayPal Verified!

Yikes!... After a quite long time of waiting to verify my own account in Paypal I now already verified it using my EON Debit Card by Union Bank. I really feel glad about it 'cause my hard work and patience is now granted by HIM. Thanks God! 'Cause if not because of his guidance and constant blessings he bestowed onto this will not be possible. Aside from that, I won't be able to write all the articles I've wrote here if he doesn't give me knowledge and perseverance to do all this things.

Anyway, verifying your PayPal account is just a very easy way not unless you don't know how to read!. All you have to do is follow all the steps provided by PayPal. For those bloggers around the globe who were just starting to explore the blogging world I wish you all the luck and blessing guys! Just have the courage that you can make it to the top!

You can easily verify your PayPal Account by visiting there site with your debit or credit card if you already have an account or if you haven't had an account yet then don't waist your time visit there site and create your account!... Have a good luck everyone!...c",)

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