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Internet Cafe....

Internet Cafe in my native town Iligan City, Philippines is almost full all the day since, there are lots of chatters and gamers who been always here to have a great time. Chatters are almost womens who been chatting with their white boyfriends were even those gays has same things to do with womens. I'm not trying to discriminate gays since, I have a brother who are gay its just that they are fond of making fool of those western mens. They use to ask some money to support their family will in fact, it was not gonna be like that. Too bad!. But as far as I know, its totally rampant here in our place. I just do hope that they'll realized how bad it was!

For those womens, who been chatting with their white boyfriends I do hope that they're all sincere 'cause if not shame on them. Why did I say so? 'Cause there are womens who just keep asking money from their white boyfriend but the truth is they're not sincere that they'll love them back. Pity on them!. Liars go to hell!... Sorry if I say something too judgmental but that's what I observe for a couple years I been here In Iligan City. Nor I guess, this act in not just rampant here in our place maybe I guess, in some other part of the Philippines. Come on Filipinos! Grow up! Dream! and find a way! Don't just stay at the 4 corners of your house nor in front of the computers and keep begging for money from other people. We are task to do our individual obligation.!...

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