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Life as I see it...

Life is about adventures, struggles, failures, victories and eventually success. This are the common scenarios that we often encounter as we continue to search our main purpose why we exist. Scenarios that simply defines the true meaning of our individual journey. Journey that taught us as to how to defend our self from any usual problems that we can possibly encounter as we travel along.

On the other hand, I came to know that not all opportunities is granted to you if you are not deserving on it. Even if how sincere we nor you are just to obtain that opportunity still it won’t be bestowed to you by HIM if we you not deserving. There are particular reasons why does it happened. Reasons that we couldn’t find out if we will just limit our self nor to narrow our mind to the things that we just wanted to hear and see. Bear in mind that in every opportunities there would always be a corresponding reasons why not all of us will be given a chance to grab it.

Furthermore, Life is about PATIENCE… If you can wait for the right time and at the right place those opportunities that you ever dream will be bestowed to you. The more you prolong your patience the more opportunities will come. You just need to wait and trust HIM everything. I’m pretty sure you’ll be the luckiest person ever!…. Have a nice day everyone!…c”,)

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