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Age Issue...

I'm already turning a little bet older this month. Ops! not quite too old I've got a lot of plans in my life that I wanted to achieve. Plans that keeps me going while searching the real happiness. Plans that makes me stronger enough to fight for whatever obstacles that I may still encounter in the middle of my journey. I didn't still find the true meaning life and I'm still longing for the best and victory that I want!

What's more important in celebrating birthday? Is it the gifts? or Is it the persons who continue to support in molding you a better person that you can possibly be? Well, the most important thing in me is my Family, those people who cares about me and people that I care. All I wish for this coming birthday I have is a constant happiness for my family and may God continue to bless them and keep them away from any harm and danger 'cause I couldn't do all the task and obligations without them. They are simply my life and my everything! They thought me everything by giving me the freedom to choose on my own.

One more thing, birthday is isn't about gifts, cakes, celebration, drinks, are some stuff like that but birthday is all about thanks giving for the other set of year your able to venture! Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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