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Most Popular Gadget: iPod...

Hear Something More than music in our Ipod, a sleek and slim gadget almost the size of the cigarette pack that can not only store 10,000 songs, all-important date files and memorable photographs, but also radio shows.

Yes, the iPOd is now becoming a home to the endless chatter of people who simply want to share mundane stories with others who might care to listen. Known as iPodcasting, or simply podcasting, it is a form of mass communication where ordinary people broadcast and share informations via the internet. Podcast are not restricted to any genre. Talk about anything under the sun: news, movies, opinions, daily lives, and personal experience. There’s absolutely no limit and everyone is free to air their own shows.

iPodcasting is clearly a blend of iPod and broadcasting, though it is not exclusive to iPods. A podcast is in MP3 format (standard used especially for digitally transmitting music over the Internet) and the audio player has to be MP3 compatible. To listen to the podcast, the information is first downloaded from a source on the web and is then stored in ones computer. So far, the iPod has been the preferred device of podcast subscribers.

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