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History Teller: Corregidor Island...

This is one of the best destinations that you’ll probably spot here in the Philippines. In fact, until this present time there are so many foreigner and local citizens who used to visit this place due to its amazing beauty that lasted for how many decades ago.


Corregidor is an island in the entrance of the Philippines’ Manila Bay. Due to its position in the bay, it has served as a focal point for the naval defenses of the capital city of Manila. During World War II, Corregidor was the site of several battles and its fall to the Japanese forces was instrumental in the subsequent capture of the Philippines and the retreat of the United States in the early stages of the war. Currently, it is an important historic and tourist site and is managed under the jurisdiction of Cavite City.

The island is about 48 kilometers west of Manila. It is shaped like a sperm, with its tail running eastward, and has a land area of 9 km². Along with Caballo (which lies 2 km south of the “tail’s” tip), it partially blocks the entrance to Manila Bay, and thus has strategic importance. It also creates a northern and southern entrance to the bay. Photo Credit: novellsteel

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