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Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao City, Philippines...

The large, comfortable motor boat cut through the crystal blue ocean. In the distance, we could see a white sand beach immaculately maintained native huts. Though it looked from a distance like it could be a quite little village, we were actually heading for the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao City.

The resort is one of the handful of excellent beaches surrounding Davao Cit, a busy metropolis on the southern island of Mindanao. Davao is at the perfect stage of development for a comfortable visit. It’s large enough to have first-class hotels, restaurants, and malls, but it is still small enough to avoid the crime, traffic and pollution that plague some cities. And it hosts some fine spots for the dedicated beachcomber.

Pearl are no Longer cultured at the luxury resort on Samal Island, about 40 minutes by boat from Davao City. Today, the historic property offers a pristine tropical island setting and modern conveniences such as cable TV and direct dial long distance phones. The resort features a swimming pool that disappears into the ocean in the distance, and native-styled luxury villas that sit on stilts above the water. The villas allow guests to jump off their balconies into the ocean for a swim. Swimming distance away are two sunken World War II Japanese vessels, which can be seen with the help of the on-site dive shop. The resort, which has twice won the Philippine Department of Tourism Best Resort Awards, offers more than water-sports and luxury accommodations. Some guests come for weeks and do nothing but relax on the beach and read.

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