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Programming Learning...

Learning programming is quite really hard. In fact, I really wanted to broaden my mind in programming as for future resources. But honestly, its really quite hard to learn about programming ans beside it really takes a lot of time for you to understand the all the provided syntax. Though I do understand some syntax but my knowledge about it is not that really established though I am a computer graduate. I do understand now the difference between theories and application. Because of that I much prefer on application learning than theories by learning though the two is simultaneously connected.

Programming is a system in which specific requirements of the client are determined in written form and, when approved by the client, become the basis for all future planning. The effects of successful programming will be felt by the client as long as he or she lives with the facility executed. The client will have a flexible enclosure able to house immediate and long-range needs without disrupting his or her operation during growth periods.
This was one of the task that I want to work with in the future. I just do hope I will got a chance to broaden my ability to better understand programming languages and eventually made my own programs…c”,)

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