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Web Finds: MEGF20 HDD Audio Player...

I guess, many of us here are really stuff and gadget addicts to the extent that we even spend an extra mile just to search the best and interactive electronic device that will really satisfy us. In fact, there people out there use used to travel to some other part of the globe just to look and search the gadgets that they want which I think is pretty cool! Well, there’s nothing bad of course about that its just make me smile. May be they are just those people who are too techie and who really loves to collect stuffs. For that, I got a great finds here which I think would be a great choice for those music lovers… Here…


Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF20 HDD Audio Player

Yet another HDD based digital portable music player…Not! The Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF20 HDD Audio Player gives you 20GB of storage space for your MP3, WMA, WAV and soon, JPEG files when the firmware update becomes available. This player comes with a generous 2.2 inch TFT color LCD screen, a touch-sensitive navigation pad and if you think you need a little DSP boost to your music, SRS WOW is available. It comes in Silver, Blue and Pink - great for both young and old audiophiles.

Great specs right? Convince to have one? Oh! Well, that’s your choice! Enjoy!…c”,)

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