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Leaving abroad for lifetime job...

You here it right guys! If you could still remember on my previous post last month I told you that please pray for me that my working visa will arrived already. And the good news is, God granted it to me! I’m now already leaving bound to Abu Dhabi, UAE for a lifetime job. It would be a big twist on my life as I am now entering to the next face of my journey. Personally, I feel nervous, happy, and curious. Its actually amixed emotion ’cause I don’t know what would be my life there though I already got a job but still curious. Hopefully, I could be able to cope up the work as possible and as quick as I can! I really have to! Honestly, the job I’ll be working there might be quite far from what I’ve learned at school and previous jobs but I just do hope I can give justice to the work that was being assign to me.

This coming Saturday is my flight already! So, wish me luck guys! I’ll update to you later right after I’ll arrived to UAE. Oh! Don’t you worry ’cause still update this blog of mine as blogging is laready part of daily routine. Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

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