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Romance and Revelations...

I found a great love poem right here in the net. You can visit the site here. I simply adore the author of this poem though honestly I got a little bet hard time of understanding her poem… Here…

Of Romance and Revelations

by Britt

Take a giant step in the right romantic direction
Before, you turned into the most delightful person
Raging about the revelations of demented ideals
Losing focus on what eternity has laid before you
Destined to hide underneath the shielding tongues
Not what you’ve been accustomed to, it’s apparent

Slightly deface the meaning of your loving partner
Ripping into the seams of post-rapture stages
Waltz into your own selfishness, gallop to freedom
Not realizing that it truly takes two to tango
Shattering your heart, for you’ve lost your “one”
Picking up the pieces, fate overturns your break

Coral hues attracted your once-bewildered mind
Not that they’ve been appreciated once before
Drifting into the cloudless dreams you’ve yearned
Seldom your thoughts have vanished into thin air
Nothing like missing out on a romantic loving heart
You’ve dropped a golden chance; romance and revelations

So, better have a reflection on this guys. Continue to love and extend your care to those people who are near to your heart and those people who merely need your attention. Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

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