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Did you know that retired consumer electronics appliances could bring you a fortune? Even before recycling, if you decided to mine them for precious metals. The new trend is as scientific as possible, and even got a name: "Urban mining". The idea behind it is the fact that scrap parts hold significant amounts of gold, silver, copper, or precious gems such as iridium.

This urban mining can bring significant profits, as precious metals are getting more and more expensive. Even the common rough materials, such as copper, are well priced, not to mention the re-usable plastics. Gold is used on a large scale in manufacturing computer hardware and mobile phones, as it has higher conductive properties than copper or silver.

According to Sekigawa a Japanese inventor, a ton of ore extracted from a conventional mine produces about 5 grams of gold, while a ton of scrap mobile phones would account for about 150 grams. The same amount of waste cell phones could also bring 100 kilograms of copper and about 3 kilograms of silver, that can be melted, then sold as ingots to jewelers. So, what do you think? Are you starting to mine those scrap electronic gadgets?

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