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My Birthday is fast approaching!

Yikes! I'm not getting any younger! A week from now I'll be turning mid 20's. This will be first time in my life that I'll be celebrating it away from home land Philippines. Though I'm turning a little year older than last year I still can't say that I have everything. Yes, I have my beloved family and friends but there's still several things in my life that I'm still finding the answer. I'm not yet satisfied as to where I am now though of course, I'm glad and thankful. Its just that I can't say that I'm ready to settle down anytime from now. I just hope that what life brings me ahead I'll be ready to accept it.

I have several wishes and hopes and several plans to pursue. Those simple things was one of the reason why I keep on breathing on despite the hardships and obstacles 'cause I know after every hardships there's a victory awaits for me. So, wish me luck everyone as I face the another new year of my birth. Hope God will still bestow a lot of blessing for me, for my family and to all the people who deserves it. God Speed!

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