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Dubai vacation...

Yikes! I’ll be spending my holidays to Dubai this weekend ’cause I’m quite bored already here in Abu Dhabi. My life here sucks! Its quite boring, tiring and same old scenario which is home to work, work to home. Thanks to my friends who invites me to come and enjoy with them. I actually visited Dubai for several times already with my relatives here in Abu Dhabi. We been to The Dubai Mall where one of the best aquarium is located. Its really awesome and fantastic! Aside from that, we also been to Mercato Mall. Its one of the great structure of Mall I’ve been aside from what I’ve seen in Tokyo, Japan. Dubai has actually a lot of amazing scenery to offer you if you want to visit their place. But before you decide to visit this place you must have to be aware on their weather condition ’cause during May to September this place is pretty hot. But still awesome to visit of course! At least if you’ll decide to be here during those months you’ll definitely catch the hottest place on earth.


Actually, when I first arrive Abu Dhabi last year I was really shock on their weather condition ’cause its really hot but as time passes by I was used on it. For your information you’ll already reached Dubai from Abu Dhabi for about 2 hours by Bus and maybe 1 and half hour by personal car. So, if you got a plan to spend your Holidays in Dubai drop me a message here I’ll meet you too.

Anyway, I’m already half excited on my Dubai exit this weekend. I’ll be seeing my friends there and probably they’ll tour me around to those places I have never been yet like The Pyramids. Wish me luck everyone!

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