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Simple effective way to slim down...

Are you looking for a natural, safe and easy way to slim down? Ok, forget the fad diets, toss out the too-good-to-be-true scary diet pills and sugar-filled diet drinks, and think green! Yes, green tea that is. Zero-calories and delicious, this pale green elixir is a dieter’s best friend. January is the National Tea Month, so why not brew a cup?

Here are the benefits: This can rev your metabolism. Sipping 3-4 cups of green tea keeps you satisfied between meals and can help you burn an additional 70 calories each day. Also, you will be drinking to a holistic health. Chock-full of powerful anti-oxidants, green tea helps fight the flu, lower stress, relieve arthritis, and protect against certain forms of cancer. Best of all, organic tea is safe for you and the planet. In contrast, the so-called natural Ephedra found in diet pills such as Zantrex, was banned by the FDA in 2004 after reports of hundreds of deaths and illnesses.

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