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Dream Home...

Its been a quite sometime now that I been living here in Abu Dhabi, UAE to earn a living. I can still remember the day I step in to this promising land and was hoping to pursue my goals, plans and aspirations. I never thought that I can reach this far. Thanks to my family who was always there for me and who support me all the way. To my Dad's Sis who happens to be so nice and open arms to accompany me during my first weeks here.

But you know guys if I only have a greater and better chance to work in Phil and if the compensation is much better than I expect to have I won't be here and would certainly settle down for good in Phil. But the was not going smoothly. So, I decided to work abroad for good. Though I left my family quite so far but I bring the hopes that one day I can support them as well as my future family.

There were so much thing I plan. Personally, I dream to proved a better house plan for my family. I mean, my native home where I grew up and had build-up my dreams. Time passes by as we grow older our lovely home is getting smaller as we are also getting bigger...LOL..

For that, house plans is one of my target this year. I am planning to rebuild our house as I am the only one who are able to do so as my older Sister and Brother are both had a life now with their own. They can help but in some few things only as their own family is their priority.

Well, probably before this year end as it start I might possibly ask my Dad to fixed all the things we to secure and have before we start re-building. Actually my Dad knows about it as I keep on saying it to him. Hopefully everything goes well...

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