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Dream Car

I've alwasy wanted to buy a car for my Dad ever since when I was young. I could still remember everytime I saw a branded ford mustang car parked in our backyard by our neighbor I used to call my Dad in our living room and let him see the car I've seen. If my memory is right my Dad said before to me, "what a wonderful car he got! Soon you will buy me one like that"... I was in grade 5 then when I used to hear that exclamation word from him.

When I grow older and as time passes by my Dad is keep asking me through jokes that where is his car. I just simply replied him, soon Dad when I got a stable job already. I guess, time flies so fast and the moment is yet to come. I already have my stable career but sad to say that I my salary is not that high. I keep on thinking if I will pursue to take an installment car plan for my Dad. It was a nissan sentra model he demanded from me. I can actually take it anytime but there's one thing playing in my mind which prompts me not take it yet. But my Dad is to eager already to take it for him. I really don't know what to do as of the moment. Probably I stil have to talk to my older Brother and older Sis maybe they can help me decide for the thing.

Hopefully not so long enough from now I'll be able to buy the car my Dad wants. I actually recommended him the nissan cube model but when he see it he don't like the over all package of the item. He like most on the nissan sentra model. I was in a stage of delamma as of now. Help me decide guys! Hopefully my Dad will agree with me if in-case there are some changes on the plan.

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1 Response to Dream Car

December 27, 2012 at 9:11 PM

having a dream car is a a natural feeling i think, even me i dreamed to own a car someday. i am dreaming to own a Ferrari car someday.