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Life Realities...

As humans, everyone of us is entitled to exist in this mortal world. We came from flesh of dust we will returm in a flesh of dust. But before those times we are given a chance to explore and enjoy the beauty of life. God made us everything free for us to enjoy every creation he made for us. We were gifted with mind for us to developed and explore things. We are gifted with unconditional love for us to value each other. What's more important than taking care of your own family? What's more fulfilling than seeing those person you care and love at peace? What's more else you can ask if you have the wealth of knowledge to earn a living and survive, and a lovely familt who supports you all the way? I guess, nothing more you can ask aside from good health.

As we grow older and as we find the real meaning of our extistence we mostly share what we have except to those people who doesn't have a heart. I don't condemn them well in fact I pray for them that they well find what they search and what they discern to have.

Anyhow, I just one thing to share with you about elderly members of your family. Do you think you will exist without them? Do you think you will savor the fruits you've achieved if you don't know how to value those persons around you? I guess, you can but I'm sure you will not be happy indeed. So, if you have a family member who do need your full attention espcecially if its your Grand-Mother and Father or and Uncle, relatives or even just a friend an stanger you meet be nice to them and pray for their safety and health. Specifically, it obvious that your Grand-Mother or Grand-Father needs you to accompany them living a life. If they need something like medicines, clothings, kendall briefs, and some other valuable things be patient to provide it for them. Remember, you'll arrived on their stage too and besides they are your family. So, extend your love, care and understanding to those people who needs it and don't expect for return. God will do the rest.

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December 1, 2010 at 10:26 AM

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