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Bunch of Fives: Must know streets...

Finding your way around Abu Dhabi's main island streets is a piece of cake, provided you know all the names of the main streets - and not just one time - they all have a name, a nickname and a number.

1. Airport Road, 2nd Street: Bisecting the city from Maqta Bridge all the way to the Corniche, this major artery links up to Sheikh Zayed road on the mainland over Maqta Bridge, or you can keep going straight to Al Ain.

2. Electra, Zayed the First and Second, 7th Street: Crossing the T-section of Airport Road, only veterans of the city would call this busy street Electra. Often the most direct route across the city, Electra begins at Le Meridien Hotel and cust straight through Khalidiya all the way to the InterContinental hotel.

3. Old Airport Road, Muroor Road, 4th Street: Back in the olden days, Muroor Road was the high street of Abu Dhabi. Home to the main post office, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre and the Al Muhairy centre (the Chilis'building), Muroor serves as an alternative to Airport Road.

4. Khaleej Al Arabi, 3oth Street: The main byway linking residents of the Khalifa Cities and Mussafah to the city, 30th is one of the easiest routes from the mainland to the Corniche. The timed traffic lights help keep traffic under control and will take you from the public beach through Khalidiya and all the way out to the airport.

5. Eastern Ring Road, East Road, Salam Street, 8th Street: One of the most confusing streets in the capital, this construction weary street will soon be a major route for those living on Reem island. For now, it's the only way to get to Park Rotana and twofour54.

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