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Heart Reflection!

Why does everyone needs to fall in love? Why does everyone cry if they are being fooled by the person they love? and Why is it that there are also people who prefers to stay single rather than committing their selves into a risky relationships? If you are aware in a saying ” Everything has a reason ” then that might be the best answer to all those issues. Remember, we are all leaving in a real world. Perfect relationships only exist in an ideal society. We can never question the fact that we still have to dwell the reality of relationships despite the idea we had that relationships is as risky as life. Absolutely! Life in general is definitely unpredictable! We didn’t know what will happened for the next succeeding minutes. Just as like as falling in love!

At first, you seem to devote yourself to HIM/HER by giving all your time despite the fact that you still have a personal plans. Dating anywhere! Laughters here, there, everywhere but what comes next if you need to leave HIM/HER to pursue your plans? Do SHE/HE can understand you? Do, they wait for you? Do you think theres a perfect LOVE exist in this mortal world? What more else you can asked for?

Loving someone is absolutely amazing! No one can ever explain the feelings you feel towards the person involved. But its just too bad think that you keep your “PROMISE” to be back soon ’cause you’ll just need to fixed your life but in return SHE never take it seriously…sigh… It hurts! But of course we can never blame them if they tend to create their own path without you! Its their life after all… But do PROMISE are set to be broken? ‘Cause if that’s what promises means, then I dare you to won’t promise anymore but instead do what you think is right and what’s best.

Furthermore, guys I wish you all the best in life as we both traveling along in our individual path. We may both achieve and realized our individual endeavor! God Bless everyone!

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