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Do collecting things does matter?

Collecting coins is one of the few human act that somehow satisfies man. Its an action done by people who loves collecting several things. People who find themselves at ease and satisfied through collecting things they like. As we noticed there people out there who loves to collect coins, cards, dolls, cars and all other things that interest man which somehow define them as humans.

In a nutshell, collecting things is a matter of choice and a freedom to chose what you want to collect. But keep in mind that collections isn't only about spending so much cash just owe the item you want as additional to your collections. Some people also collect items which is out from the trash. Some might collect items which is also out from used items and reassembled it.

Collections is does not matter its new or old as long as it satisfies yourself somehow. For instance, there are people who loves to buy gold coins as additional collections to their coins. Even if how expensive it is the bottomline is it satisfies them and somehow inspires them to collect and find some more.

However, collecting things maybe expensive somehow but keep track on the good things that those collections contributes in you as you drive your way up to your goal. Enjoy collecting!

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1 Response to Do collecting things does matter?

January 7, 2012 at 12:25 AM

Oh yeah? What about collecting girl friends?