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Suggestions For Family-Strengthening Activities

* Plan one extra all-family activity just for the purpose of celebrating your family life. During the fun, talk to each member about their impressions of your family life.
* At the dinner table, have each person name one thing about the family for which he or she is thankful.
* Count the members of your immediate family. Then add relatives. Then add special friends. How big is your "family"?
* Make some resolutions to improve family communication; i.e., schedule regular "family meetings," assist a member with a difficult task once each week, plan a special family celebration once each month, etc.
* Organize those family snapshots!! It's a wonderful activity for the whole family, and a unique opportunity to share past experiences with the children. Usually good for several get-togethers.
* Write "love notes" to each other, and hide them where they can easily be found.
* Hug, kiss, smile, wink.
* Create a family symbol or a family motto as an expression of your family's unity.
* Write a l-o-n-g letter to a distant relative.
* Parents can learn much by having children grade parents with an occasional report card. Subjects -- smiling, laughing, sharing and playing.
* Play the one-a-day compliment game for a week, with every family member. Keep score!!!
* Volunteer to help someone who doesn't have a family.
* Make a "suggestion box" and encourage everyone to contribute whatever is on his or her mind. Open it once a week, and discuss the contents.
* Go on a walk together after dark. Look at the stars; point out some constellations.
* Make a resolution to maintain your family as your highest priority.

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April 24, 2018 at 2:56 AM

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