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Boosting Website Ranking...

Its been almost four years since the first day I started blogging. If my mind is still correct I was encourage by my Sis to start creating my blog in one of the free blogging format. She told me that its great to share my thought, ideas, and knowledge concerning one thing as well as share my activities to everyone as this well help them educate their lives to.

Going back to the times I started to leave messages to other blogs, looking for SEO blog and submitting my blogs to those popular search engine optimization company I was really wondering why did I do it. I keep on asking my Sis who happens to be my mentor about the said scenarios I did. Why do I need to ask for exchange links? Why do I need to submit my blogs to those search engines? She replied me that its the best way to earn a Page Rank and site visitors.

At first, I was really curious about boosting my Page Rank and increasing website traffic as I really don’t know what’s going on with those two? In fact, I even check this CqWen who specializes on SEO as I wanted to find out how important ranking is. As time passes by I happened to find out that its a blog / site ranking given to a particular site who writes a reliable and useful articles. As well as site who do have many links from any other website.

From then on, I keep reading articles about SEO tips as to eventually boost my ranking in Google though I know its will definitely take me sometime to do that but still managed. As time passes by when Google updates on PR I was glad to find out that I ranked 3 in this blog and the other one I had. Knowing about it is something worth doing.

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