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Cargo to home!

Just this morning, I’ve already packed all the baggage left in my cabinet and put it in the box for cargo. I've actually imported several items to home through cargo as I want them to enjoy some little things I have in here. Oh! You guys might wonder wehere I am. I'm currently here in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I’ve actually bought several types if chocolate as they all want it likewise they've requested it from me several months back when I was in Phil back last year. Well, as always the same thing I’ve heard it from them when I use to call to buy them chocolates, clothes, and some other imported things. Well, I can’t resist to all they want as long as I can see that they’re happy for it. In fact, one of my closest Uncle requested me to buy him a bunch of Padron cigars and Ashton cigars as my late birthday gift for him. Well, as usual I can’t resist as to what he want ’cause he’s been so great and nice to me ever since when I was young.

As for now, I'm about to send the second batch of cargo to Philippines probably by end this week including the cigar humidifier for my Dad and Uncle as well. Hopefully, they'll all gonna love what I had for them.

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