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I'm in search for this items...

Its been a week now that I've been searching a reliable provider of Laptop batteries as I have a spare laptop that I bought in Tokyo, Japan before back last 2007. The laptop was still working very well and the performance is still awesome but I just have to change the battery as it was not charging every now and then when I use it. Well, what do you expect its been 4 years already since I bought it.

For that, do you guys know as to where I can have one? I've actually in search of Cell Phone Cases for my iPhone. As well as a TV DLP Lamps for my room. Can anyone of you here suggest where can I buy a cheaper one for the said items? I've actually know several providers here but the price is pretty high and I can't afford it right now as I spend too much for the visa of my Brother who came here in Abu Dhabi to search for a job. Oh! Well, speaking of that please do help me pray.

Back to the purpose of this post, guys I'll expect your comments and suggestions as to where I can buy a cheaper one. I need it badly.

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