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Printing Services!

Just a while back this week, I was so busy looking for a Custom Printing services just right here in Abu Dhabi, UAE as I'm currently working here in one of the prestigeous oil company as HSE Coordinator / Admin, Sales and Accounts Assistant. Holding the said position was a tough one. Though it allows me to extend my horizons and eventually think harder for the benefit of the company at large.

I was looking into it for the upcoming event of the said company. Its actually an open house day were we invited several clients and customers that we had whom we work with for the past decades. I was in-charge of the invitation letter, flyers, gift cards, posters and all other related stuff. Though I've actually had an experiences 'bout the said thing back in previous jobs I had as marketing still have some crumps on it as I don't know what type of colors and all other stuffs that might suit on the said event. Another thing is I got a hardtime searching for a Flyer Printing services in the area. What a crap!

Good thing was I got a friend who knows where I can avail the Gift Card Printing services. Its not located in Abu Dhabi but on the neighboring city of Dubai, UAE. The services was great though some kind of luxurious one but its worth it. Thanks Gian for the help. To make the story short, the event ended up a successful one 2 days back. Thanks to all my friends and co-workers who in one way help me a lot.

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