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Paint a simple subject...

I love to share what I have learn about painting for about 15 years already. Though I don’t usually paint as of this present moment nor I don’t study about it and just learn it on my own but still I can paint on my leisure time and if I’m in the mood to paint. Anyway, here is some useful ways on how to paint a simple subject like tress, animals, nor even houses… Here…

Materials Needed:

1. Drawing Book ( nor even those clean papers )

2. Pencil

3. Eraser

4. Pentil Pen / Sign Pen

5. Coloring Materials ( Crayons, Water Color, Oil Pastel, Colored Pencil )

6. Ruler ( if needed )

7. Cotton ( if needed bu this will help for a good result )

8. Some other materials which you think is useful for you.


1. Think of what particular subject you will draw such like trees, flowers, houses, animals and some of other object which you think is cool to draw.

2. Put all your materials on the table for you to avoid hassle if your on the moment of painting already.

3. Start making a sketch on the drawing book of the subject you would like to draw. Use the pencil for making a sketch for you easily erase it if you got a mistake.

4. Don’t force the pencil too much to the drawing book if you are making a sketch so that it won’t look to bad if you will erase it.

5. If you’re already done with your sketch trace it with the the pentel pen or a sign pen.

6. After doing so, put some colors on it using the coloring materials you have according to the prescribe color of the said subject you draw.

7. Then, that is it!. Don’t get easily discourage if you think you have a bad painting ’cause painting is not about how good you are to paint nor how great you are to. Its all about talent. Even if how small nor big you got in your painting the most important thing to remember is you show off your skills on painting. Just continue to paint anything on your leisure time I’m pretty sure your on the right track of becoming a good painter.

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1 Response to Paint a simple subject...

February 3, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Sounds like fun! Although, it seems more like drawing a cartoon than painting.