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Common Christmas of OFW Families...

Filipinos is known to be one of the countries who do have a millions of OW’s ( Overseas Workers ) OFW’s ( Overseas Filipino Workers) who works in the different part of the globe just to provide and support the needs of their individual families. I myself will definitely agree that its really hard to work in the other countries. But why did those OFW’s still manage? The simple answer is because of POVERTY. Philippines is one of the poor country due to those illegal acts in the government who was actually mandated by just those corrupt officials. Too bad! Its one of the main reason why Philippines until right now is still struggling with Poverty.

On the other hand, those OFW’s is not willing to go abroad just to work! I’m pretty sure of that! But they don’t have choice anymore since, they could not support all the needs of their family out of those little salary they been receiving every month. Nor they can’t find a job that suits for them. Or there are no jobs available for them. Those were just some of the common issues why is it that most Filipinos prefers to go abroad just to work.

Due to that, I’m heartily extending my sincerest sympathy to those families who do have a family member who works abroad. I know you wanted them to celebrate with you for this coming Christmas and I know also that celebrating far from them is really hard specially for those families who been away for how many years. I’m deeply extending my heartfelt sympathy. But I just want to let you know that even if your so far from each other you could still be together again in right time and in the right place. God is good my fellow Filipinos! Just don’t loss hope and continue to dream. Be safe everyone!

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