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Disney Fun!...

Wow! This is cool! How I wish to visit Disney Land soon. Actually, it makes me feel bad to look back on the past few months ago this year when I was still in Tokyo, Japan. They got a Disney Land there but guess what? Haven't been there yet 'till I depart last November. It really feels bad I swear! But Theres nothing to do anymore but to accept it. Maybe some other time if God permit me to visit that place soon. I really wanted too ever since when I was still a little child. I often hear about those Disney characters like Donald Duck, Tweety, Cinderella, Snow White and some more of them but I was not really given a chance to meet them in person. Sigh...

Well, anyway God is good I know! How about you? Been there already? or do you have a plan to visit Disney land? That's pretty great! Try to visit site 'cause as far as I know they offer a Discount Disney Tickets for those people who opted to visit Disney Land. Amazing isn't it? Well, grab the opportunity now to visit Disney Land once again and have fun with your beloved family and loved-ones.

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