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Where do you plan to go this Christmas?

Yeah!... Been planning to have a vacation this Christmas? or Do you prefer to celebrate Christmas on Beaches, villas, or some other great places? What do you think? Well, for me I would prefer to celebrate Christmas at home with my beloved family and relatives. For those people who opted to have a vacation in some great places for this coming Christmas I would like you to be aware of the place were you wanted to spend your Christmas season.

NOTE: Its better to stay at home with your family and loved-ones this coming Christmas rather than going to some places but if you still opted to vacate on Christmas I got a guidelines for you to do before deciding to visit that place.
  1. Plan were you wanted to go. Definitely! Make sure that the place is safe for your family and people who will be with you.
  2. Think twice. Yes! Ask your family members if they wanted to spend Christmas in some other place rather then celebrating it on your home. If the majority opted to celebrate in your home or in some other place so be it. Its a bad luck to pursue your plan well in fact some of your family member does not agree with it. So, steak for the decision of majority.
  3. Make sure that you have all the things you need. Why? Because you'll definitely spend more money which I think is not favorable by you not unless your wealthy enough right?
  4. Look for a cheap hotel or accommodation place. Why? 'Cause for your information I guess, Christmas is a peek season which means to say that the hotel and villas rooms is quite a little bet expensive. So better book your accommodation ahead of time and look for a cheap one.
  5. Enjoy your vacation. Absolutely! 'Cause you chose to vacate in Christmas to have a great and ample vacation with your family and friends. So, enjoy every single seconds you spend with them.
Thats it! Have a great vacation everyone!... Merry Christmas advance!...c",)

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