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Quite long Vacation...

Yikes!... Just got back from my native town Iligan City, Philippines where I celebrated my Christmas and New Year with my family and friends. A quite so long vacation I have! Too tiresome actually! Don't know why but I actually enjoyed! In fact, I been also to Tangub City, Philippines my birth place were we have a reunion in my Mom's side. Its was not actually my intention to be there since, it was actually a tiring journey again but don't have choice but to be there for just one 1 night and 1 day 'cause my Granny's Sister is begging us to attend the reunion. In fact, even my Mom is not interested to be there since we actually don't have a budget to be there but we can't resist to my Granny's Sister besides I have never been there for about 9 years already since when I was still a little child then. Amazing right!... Anyway, I actually don't enjoy the travel through I've seen those amazing Giant Christmas decorations in Tangub. Don't know why but still thankful that I happened to spend time with them even just in a couple of days and hours. Thanks to my granny!...

How about you guys? Did you enjoy your long vacation? Well, I guess for some nor many of you did enjoy your vacation. But I also anticipate that there are also some who didn't enjoy well doesn't matter anymore! The most important thing is we all have a the chance to experience once more thr really spirit of Christmas and New Year!... Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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