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Scuba Diving Lessons Part 2...

This is the continuation of the first post I have about the Scuba Diving Lessons. For those of you who wanted to have a scuba Diving Lessons you can contact me for more information. I'll refer you to my previous company I been working with. Here is the other service they have...

Rescue Diver Course

This is the third level of PADI SCUBA certification. The course is about accident prevention and management. It takes your focus beyond yourself and your buddy to make diving safer for others as you learn to recognize and prevent potential diving accidents and how to handle them if they do occur. Students must complete 20 log dives to be eligible for certification.

  1. Processing of Rescue Diver License (C-Card)
  2. Crew Pack (Bag, PIC, Logbook, Patch, Student File, Certificate, Rescue Diver Manual, PADI Accident Management Flowchart)
  3. Free pocket mask, plus souvenir shirt
  4. Refreshments and use of air-conditioned lounge
  5. Three (3) training dives
  6. Five (5) fun dives
So, are you interested now ti take a lesson about scuba diving? I swear its one of the best adventure I have ever been! To see the under water beauty is one of the most amazing thing I been!... Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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