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Scuba Diving Lessons...

Are you planning to take a scuba diving lesson? Well, if you do then better consult now in one of the companies I been working with before. its Wind and Wave Davao. I once became as there Marketing Associate-Customer Care way back 2006-2007. They are indeed one of the best Aquasports company here in Mindanao Davao City, Philippines. Here is one of the lesson they been teaching with...

Advance Open Water Diver Course

This is the second level of PADI SCUBA certification. The course includes three core dives, which are underwater navigation, night diving, and deep diving. Additional elective dives may include boat diving, drift diving, multilevel diving, underwater photography, wreck diving or other specialty activities.

Package A.

  1. Processing of Advance Open Water Diver License (C-Card)
  2. Free use of diving equipment (BCD, Regulator, Wet Suit, Weight Belt, and Tank)
  3. Crew Pack (Bag, PIC, Patch, Student File, Certificate, Dive Planner, and Advance Open Water Manual)
  4. Three (3) core dives, two (2) elective dives plus souvenir shirt
  5. Refreshments


  • Must be a certified Open Water Diver or equivalent.
  • Transportation (boat, taxi, PUJ, etc.), resort fees, food and beverages, and other fees not included.
  • Prices may change without prior notice.
This is one of the packages they have... For some other information you can read it on the following post I had!...

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