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12 Days before Valentines...

Theres nothing more special than the day of Valentines! A day were two(2) people is sharing the love they both have for each other. Exchanging there vows of love and eternal words that brings them back to the world of fantasy. A world were two people is happily binded with love, care, wisdom and God's grace. Its so nice to hear that the two people is living not because of anything else but because they both leave for each others arms and comfort. Every person is entitled to be happy. Happy not because for anything else but happy because you fall in-love with your partner over and over again. After a couple of days, months, and years your still yearning the best and fruitful love you ever wanted.

Valentines is not about how far you have been with your partner? nor How long you been staying as couples? Valentines is about loving, caring and sharing the best in both of you. Don't question how long will you be together? nor Don't ever dare to ask yourself will he/she marry me and be my man/woman for the rest of my life 'cause you wouldn't know the exact answer on that but instead to ask those question better enjoy your days you been together 'cause remember we are not the sole owner of our individual life, it's HIM after all!

Try to reach out to those people who are far from you. Try to go beyond and if possible try to be considerate at all times. Valentines day isn't just about your partner but its also about those people who are less in love nor people who didn't feel the true meaning of love. People who merely need your care, understanding, and love. Valentines is a day to proclaim that you are indeed a human being who feel the true love and care to all those people who surrounds you. Have a great valentines everyone!...c",)

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